How do I print an MSO (C of O)?


MSO (C of O) printing is available after creating a sale.


First, add the customer you’ll be selling to. Make sure the customer record is saved with all required fields and a default address.

Next, create the sale by clicking the +Add button on the Sales page or by using the actions menu on the vehicle list.

Click the Find Customer button and select the customer you created earlier.

Multiple vehicles may be added to a sale using the Quick Add VIN or Add VINs In Bulk buttons on the Sale Entry page. When printing MSOs for this sale, multiple pages will be created. (one for each vehicle on the sale)

Enter an invoice number and amount for each vehicle. If you’re adding VINs in bulk, the invoice number and amount will be the same for each vehicle.

After saving the sale, you’ll see a Print MSO button. This button is also located on the sales list, using the actions menu.

The Print Batch button on the Sales list is used to quickly print MSOs from multiple sales.


I'm a new manufacturer. How do I set up my codes for my VIN?


See how FedCert Suite organizes vehicle attributes for VIN's. If yours are currently in a different order, you can simply contact NHTSA and let them know you are changing your codes. The appropriate form, and NHTSA's contact info are included in the software.

How do I get a WMI?


To get your WMI, please contact Kris Siddall, the WMI Coordinator at SAE International. The address is: 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 15096-0001. You can also contact Kris by phone at 724.772.8511 or via email at

Why is the WMI listed as "HZZ" in the demo version?


"HZZ" is a placeholder that SAE recognizes as a test code. You can enter your own WMI in the registered version of the software.

Where do I sign up for the program?


You can create an account using this link:

How do I create an account?


1. Go to

2. Click on the “Try it now” button

3. Fill out the required fields in the Company Setup window. Click the “Next” button.

4. Fill out the required fields in the Admin Setup window. Click the “Next” button.

5. Choose whether you want to start a subscription or try out the free demo.

    Option 1: Start a subscription.

         Enter a promo code if you have one. Click on the “Apply” button.

         Click on the “Annual Subscription” link. Fill out your payment information.

     Option 2: Start a free demo.

         Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Start Free Demo” link.

6. Review your information on the “Finalize” page.

7. At the bottom of the page, check the box next to “Agree to EULA.”

    In doing so, you agree to the terms and conditions.

8. Click on the “Create Account” button.

9. An email will be sent to the email address provided for account verification.

    Open the email and click the “Verify User Now” link.


How do I transition from the demo to the full version?


This can be done at any time – even after the 30-day trial has ended.

Go to My Company > Subscription

Click the Subscribe Now button. Enter your payment information and click the Add button. Your card will be verified, but won’t be charged yet.

Review your subscription and payment information, and click the Purchase Subscription button.

You will receive a payment receipt via email.

Your subscription is immediately active, and you may start using it for production.

Make sure your WMI is set in My Company > Company Info

What are GVWR, GAWR, shipping weight, and cargo carrying capacity?


Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): the weight of the empty trailer plus the maximum cargo


Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR): the maximum weight each axle can carry. When you

record the GAWR in the software, enter the weight of one axle, not the weight of all axles totaled


Shipping weight: the weight of your completed trailer, which includes all the components your

trailer is sold with.

Cargo carrying capacity (CCC): the GVWR minus the shipping weight. The software calculates

this weight for you.

Can I delete a vehicle?


Vehicles cannot be deleted from the program, but they can be inactivated.

You can also make modifications to an existing vehicle, such as changing the model that the vehicle is based as well as any other vehicle detail (except for the sequential production number). Simply make your changes and recalculate the VIN.

I got a new WMI. Can I still use the program?


If you have been assigned a different WMI, our support staff should be able to make that change for you in FedCert Suite. You can only have one WMI associated with your account, though. If you plan to use multiple WMI's, you will need to set up multiple accounts.

I made a vehicle using the wrong model - and now the VIN isn't right. What can I do?


No problem. Simply select that vehicle and open the vehicle detail window.

Go to the model drop down list and choose the correct one.

Then go down to the bottom of the window and click on the "SAVE" button.

A window will appear asking if you want to recalculate the VIN. Select "YES."

Why doesn't FedCert Suite's VIN set-up match NHTSA's example set-up?


FedCert Suite's VIN set-up was based on NHTSA's previous example of the vehicle attribute

section set-up. We did not change our set-up when NHTSA changed it's example, since there

was no regulatory change. In addition, it would have created a great deal of cost and aggravation

for our existing software users.

FedCert Suite's VIN set-up includes all of the federally mandated information in the required

locations. (There is no requirement regarding the exact placement of the information within the

vehicle attribute section.)

If your current set-up is different that FedCert Suite's, you can simply notify NHTSA that you're making a change. FedCert Suite includes a VIN Decoder Report that can be mailed to NHTSA when you start using the software. NHTSA's address is included on the report.

How does the sequential production number work in the software?


To ensure accurate VIN calculation, data integrity and compliance, the sequential production number cannot be changed. The number will automatically start at 001 (or 000001 for manufacturers with 3 digit WMI's) at the beginning of each model year, and will advance as each vehicle is produced, regardless of model. If you are subscribing to FedCert Suite in the middle of your model year and cannot start at 001, please contact support for guidance.

How do I improve the text alignment when printing my labels?


Alignment issues are most often due to scaling options being set in your print driver or browser settings. When you click print in the application, a PDF is saved. Open the PDF and click print in your PDF viewer. When the print dialog appears, you may see fit to page or other scaling options. This should always be set to actual size. Make sure your printer default settings are set to actual size. If you’re using a browser-based PDF viewer like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, we suggest disabling it and instead opening PDFs in a viewer like Adobe Reader/Adobe Acrobat.


How to disable Google Chrome PDF viewer:

Open a new tab in Chrome and type chrome://plugins into the address bar and hit enter. Scroll down the list of plugins to Chrome PDF Viewer and select disable. Your downloaded PDF files will now open with your default PDF viewer.


How to set default PDF viewer in Windows:

Right-click any PDF file and select Open With > Choose default program… Select desired PDF viewer from the list and click OK.

How do I print more than one label at a time?


Select Vehicles from the navigation pane. Click the Print Batch button. First, choose the label you’d like to print. You’ll see a list of vehicles in which Federal Certification or Tire Placard labels have not yet been printed. To select a range of rows, first select one row, then hold your shift key and select another row. All rows between them will be selected. Ctrl+Click will help add or remove single rows from your selection.


To batch print MSO’s go to the Sales list and click the Batch Print button.

FedCert Suite

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