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Some common purchasing questions:

Can multiple people in my company use the software?


Yes! You can set up as many users as you would like. And because there is no installation required, everyone can login to the software from any computer with internet access.

When will I be billed for the software?


When you sign up for the registered version of the software, your credit card will be billed for your first year at that time. You can cancel at any time, and you will still have use of FedCert Suite until the next payment would have been due.

Is it worth buying FedCert Suite if I only build a few trailers a month?


Yes, the ease of FedCert Suite automatically creating your VIN's for you, rather than trying to calculate them buy hand, makes the software worthwhile - even for a few trailers. The last thing a small manufacturer wants is to accidentally create an incorrect VIN and deal with the headaches involved in trying to fix that situation.

Why doesn't FedCert Suite's VIN set-up match NHTSA's example set-up?


FedCert Suite's VIN set-up was based on NHTSA's previous example of the vehicle attribute section set-up. We did not change our set-up when NHTSA changed it's example, since there was no regulatory change. In addition, it would have created a great deal of cost and aggravation for our existing software users.

FedCert Suite's VIN set-up includes all of the federally mandated information in the required locations. (There is no requirement regarding the exact placement of the information within the vehicle attribute section.)

If your current set-up is different that FedCert Suite's, you can simply notify NHTSA that you're making a change. FedCert Suite includes a VIN Decoder Report that can be sent to NHTSA when you start using the software.

How do I move my existing FedCert Suite data to the new online version?


We provide an import wizard that allows you to upload your existing information from the desktop version of FedCert Suite.

FedCert Suite

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