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BUILD NOTES for September 2018:

1.  New users who had not yet created a vehicle were receiving an error when editing company information. This bug has been fixed.



BUILD NOTES for June 2018:

1.  Sales ID has been added to the Sales report.

2.  Improved Production report. The final purchaser company will be shown by default. If no final purchaser is specified the customer company name from the sale will be shown.

BUILD NOTES for May 2018:

1.  Fixed issue where creating vehicles from previous model years’ models or duplicating previous model years’ vehicles caused the current year sequence number to revert to that of the previous year.

2.  On the batch printing page a model year filter has been added with a default setting of the current model year. This improves performance and prevents time-out errors while batch printing.

3.   Improved text on Label & Doc Preferences page regarding MSO customization.

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BUILD NOTES for April 2018:

1.  Improved compatibility for large vehicles by increasing all weight fields to 6 characters.

BUILD NOTES for February 2018:

1.  MSO - increased GVWR field width to accommodate 6-digit vehicle weights.

2.   Fixed issue where some demo data was left when transitioning to a subscription.

3.   Tire pressure fields now display "No value recorded" instead of "0 PSI" and "0 KPA" when
  no data exists.

BUILD NOTES for December 2017:

1.  Improved batch printing.

2.   Added vehicle field NATM Decal Number.

3.   Intermediate tire section added to vehicle report, model and vehicle pages.

4.   FD-342 label updated to use new tire fields. Front, intermediate, and rear tire detail lines
  are now displayed as entered.

BUILD NOTES for November 2017:

1.  Fixed issue - save button bug at the top of the new vehicle page was not functioning properly.

2.   Fixed issue - when batch printing FD-320, the spare tire data for the first vehicle/label printed
  on all of the labels instead of what was set for each vehicle.

BUILD NOTES for September 2017:

1.  Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 11; fixed bug that allowed duplicate inserts.

2.   Added support for addresses in New Zealand, Japan, and Guatemala.

3.   Updated FD-339 alignment.

4.   Company name is now capitalized on all Federal Certification labels.

5.   Enable the label in My Company > Label & Doc Preferences to make it visible in selection lists.

6.   FD-342 label added.

BUILD NOTES for August 2017:

1.  Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 11; fixed bug that allowed duplicate inserts.

2.   Added support for addresses in New Zealand, Japan, and Guatemala.

3.   Updated FD-339 alignment.

BUILD NOTES for July 2017:

1.  Continuous VIN sequencing option added.

2.   Multiple infrastructure, TLS, security improvements

3.   Fixed issue which caused fonts on labels to not load correctly

4.   Fixed issue that caused MSO’s to not print correctly when a default customer address had
  been deleted. Improved logic related to deleting an address

5.   Removed ability to delete a vehicle. Users can instead edit the vehicle as needed or uncheck
 the active checkbox..

BUILD NOTES for January 2017:

1.  Fixed bug which caused a single MSO to print on more than one page.

BUILD NOTES for November 2016:

1.  Improved language on bilingual federal certification labels.

2.  Import tool improvements and bug fixes.


BUILD NOTES for October 2016:

1.  Update Vehicle Edit to allow Model property updating.

a.  The model field has been updated from a textbox to an editable combo box.

b.  Selecting an existing model from the combo box will prompt the user with the question, “Do you want to refresh this vehicle fields with the model template? All current data on the vehicle will be overwritten.”

c.  Confirming the refresh prompt will load the model template over the vehicle fields. All fields are overwritten except:

       i.     Manufacturing Date

      ii.     VIN

     iii.     Model Year

     iv.     Vehicle User Custom Fields

d.  Free form text is still available for users that don’t wish to use the Model Template Feature

2.  Improved International Address Support

a.  State has been renamed to, “State, Region, Province” in all locations

b.  State, Region, Province is now a free form field in all locations allowing for much greater flexibility

       i.     Example: Customers can immediately begin using US territories (Puerto Rico,
              U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, etc.) in this section

c.  State, Region, Province is no longer required for all countries. See Haiti example

d.  Addresses will automatically be formatted on reports per country’s postal code.

       i.     Example of Haiti formatting compared to the USA

[ADDRESS1]                                        [ADDRESS1]

[ADDRESS2]                                        [ADDRESS2]

HT[ZIPCODE] [CITY]                         [CITY] [STATE], [ZIPCODE]


e.  Near all country selection drop downs, except company enrollment, there is a new button for requesting a country that the software doesn’t yet support. This pops up a balloon that allows them to redirect away from their current page to the Tech Support Page and request a new country with a pre-populated form.

f.  Pages with updated address forms:

       i.     Company Enrollment (minor updates on Finalize enrollment and the whole
              enrollment wizard)

      ii.     Company Edit/Details

     iii.     Plant Edit

     iv.     Sale Edit/Details

      v.     Customer Address Edit/Details





BUILD NOTES for September 2016:

1.  Updated public links bar at the top of the site

2.  Get Support page improved. Now directs users to create service requests

3.  When duplicating Models, the current model year is used instead of the model year on the duplicating model.

4.  Vehicles sorted by VIN now are sorted by VINs sequence number, rather than the alphabetical VIN. This makes it easier to see vehicles added in order.

5.  Vehicles will now display only the current model year by default. A model year filter list will allow quick changes of the model year with an option to view all model years. This will significantly improve performance and loading time of the vehicle list.






BUILD NOTES for August 2016:

1.  Added the WMI uniqueness enforcement code to the WMI Add/Edit page under company Info.

2.  Added warning message for using WMI + WMI extension on the WMI Add/Edit page under company Info.

3.  Added warning message for using WMI + WMI extension on the Company Enrollment Page in the WMI section.

4.  The WMI add tool will now enforce alphanumeric WMI codes.

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